Partial List of Accomplishments as of 2018

Current/Recent/On-Going Projects and Major Accomplishments:

  • Over the last six years RDP-21 has been instrumental in attracting and growing the commands at NBVC from approximately 70-90  

2018 Successful Projects:

Supported Following Projects that Made President’s Budget

  • Two MILCON’s for Directed Energy Program at NBVC
  • C-130 J Flight Simulator Facility at ANG
  • Missile Assembly Building and High Explosive Magazine at NBVC

Obtained Legislative Language in National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

  • Words to Prevent Elimination of Test Resource Management Center (TRMC)
  • Test Range Evaluation Language, Requiring a Review and report by DoD of T&E Infrastructure
  • Words Requiring a Targets and Treats Review by DoD

Congressional Letters

  • MAFFS Program of Record Request letter to Air Force and Forrest Service in Work

2018 Successful Projects:

  • Supported MILCON programs for Directed Energy and advanced target launches at San Nicholas Island and Pt. Mugu involving both Pt. Mugu Range and NSWC PHD (which are now in work).
  • Increase in Funding for MRTFB
  • Test and Evaluation Structure and Improvements and growth of capability for the Pt. Mugu range
  • Local Range Capability including support aircraft, out year Target shortages, funding to support a North and South Range
  • Coast Guard Work, the move of Helicopter Squadrons from LAX to NBVC, is in progress and new Hangers are on schedule


  • NBVC Capability Enhancement and Competitive EdgeEver since the last BRAC, RDP-21 has focused on projects that will create new professional (scientific and engineering) jobs by working to retain and enhance local capabilities and infrastructure, create new functions and establish a competitive edge. It is important to make sure that the technical expertise, capability and infrastructure is there to enable the commands to compete and win the 21st century projects that will replace older programs. This year RDP-21 is working to obtain funding and legislative language for two projects that are extremely important to maintaining and growing the competitive edge of the Test and Evaluation capability at NBVC including Center for Maritime Directed Energy Testing.
  • New Work : Projects include UAV’s, Coast Guard, relocation of some maintenance functions, and others. Such as:
    • Triton Unmanned Aircraft Systems
    • MQ-8B/C Fire Scout
    • Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike Vehicle
    • Other Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • NBVC Building Issues/Shortages.  Another area that is crucial to maintain capability and viability is having buildings that are capable of supporting the technical functions locally. Two projects being supported currently are:
    • Surface Targets Development Lab P-061
    • Aircraft Engine Test Stand (P-281)
  • Air National Guard (ANG) 146th Firefighting Capability: For a number of years we have worked on upgrading the capability of the local ANG, resulting in 8 new aircraft and new firefighting modules for the new aircraft. We are still pursuing a goal to add more aircraft and a flight simulator to make them a primary training site.
  • NBVC Encroachment: RDP-21 works with the community to ensure that the base is protected against encroachment that could hamper the missions of the local base commands and tenant activities. We have so far been successful (see past accomplishments) in working potential conflicts.
    • We successfully worked an issue created by a CARB (California Air Resources Board) ruling that is causing ships to go out of the shipping channel and into the Navy Test Range.  We met with CARB leaders here and written letters and testified at hearings in Sacramento and Long Beach. Based on our initiatives, the law was changed to support moving ships back in channel
  • Hold Monthly Joint Military Community and Community Meetings: RDP monthly meetings provide forums for community leaders, elected officials, and Base commands to share information and determine ways to provide support to each other and enhance the relationships that contribute to an effective relationship in Ventura County.
  • Major Voice and Lobby Support for NBVC: Provide support on various issues that help maintain viability of the Base, protect the Sea Test Range, keep environmental issues from having unintended consequences, and generally act as a community advocate for issues impacting NBVC and the military in Ventura County.
  • Visit National Leaders & Potential Customers at Least Yearly: Visit DOD Leaders, Navy Leaders, Local Command Sponsors in Washington DC, Potential Customers for NBVC and Congressional offices to work issues as appropriate in each area, as well as, educate the leadership on the value of NBVC.
  • Gather Issues Each Year Impacting NBVC Commands: Meet at least Annually with each major command and gather issues needing support from RDP to enhance and/or maintain their viability locally.
  • Major Financial Sponsor of Navy EXPO: Work with VCEDA  and NBVC to help sponsor the Annual Navy EXPO in Ventura County

Other Significant Past Accomplishments:

  • Supported new work and new tenant activities to be brought to NBVC: Since 2002 the base has increased from ~ 70 to ~85 Tenant Organizations. Examples of tenant activities are:
    • Maintenance Training School
    • Airborne Early Warning Wing Pacific (E-2s)
    • Logistical support squadron (VR-55)
  • Obtained eight(8) C-130J aircraft for California Air National Guard
  • Supported upgrade of capability of EW Center of Excellence at Pt Mugu with Congressional Adds: for Pt. Mugu Electronic Warfare (EW) Lab Upgrade.
    • $ 3.5 Mil OBTAINED FY 08 & 09
    • $ 4.5 Mil Requested FY 10
  • Establishment of Pt Mugu as Asymmetric Warfare Center
    • Funding Adds for Asymmetric Warfare Center for four years.
  • Obtained a New Surface Warfare Test Ship
  • Support for placement of Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center at NBVC
  • Military Construction:
    • MILCON P-532 Port Improvements
    • MILCON P-267 Extend Aircraft Parking Apron
    • MILCON P-250 San Nicolas Island Pier
    • MILCON CBC Logistics Support Building
    • MILCON Engineering Laboratory NSWC
    • MILCON P-031 Range Control Building
  • Issues Supported That Prevented Encroachment of NBVC
    • Harbor District expansion that would have encroached and impacted T&E
    • Woodside LNG Encroachment on the Sea Range
    • NOAA Permit ,Marine Mammal Issue ( Seals & San Nicolas Island )
  • Issues Worked to Improve/Support Base
    • Base Out-leasing Policy Change
    • MRTFB (Major Range and Test Facility Base) Funding Supported
    • Fleet Use of Test Ranges, pricing, etc, vs. Operational Ranges
    • Wharf & Pier Improvements
  • South West Defense Alliance (SWDA) Support
    • RDP representative previously SWDA President